Monday, March 18, 2013

Good old days are back....!

 Beautiful Braids- makes me feel nostalgic about my school days...
 back den i had really long n lustrous hairs. Mum used to generously oil my hairs every saturday n shampoo d nex day. In school we had to put two braids folded wid ribbons. On saturdays v had d freedom to dress d way we liked, so i used to make one long braid(sagar choti r khajur choti). I really loved to flaunt my thick long braid... my friends used to ask me my hair care regime...I used to feel so good about my hairs n i cudn get my hands off  dem.
But as i grew old,wid busy college life n studies i started neglecting my hairs.As a result they started falling n became rough n  lost their shine. I had split endstoo.. I belongd to d family where i could not trim my hairs to get rid of order to hide my lifeless split ended hairs I started makin buns instead of braids.Things got worse post-delivery. my hairs became even more  lifeless n dull... venev i used to think of old times i had a questn to myself would dose times ever cum back....
I wanted to get rid of buns. firstly i tried so many home remedies but wid a toddler it was not possible to treat my   hairs now n den. later I tried a lot many products n happen to come across dove split end rescue shampoo n conditioner.N to my wonder my hairs started to feel soft n shiny. wid regular use the split ends also reduced. my scalp felt nourished as if mums hands r takin care of dem...
Now i don make buns, instead i make braids r keep dem open.I've always felt dat hairs r one of d most treasured assets of a woman.Thanx Dove for givin me back my asset n d confidence to flaunt my braids once again... love dove.

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  1. Good short post. But in your hurry, you forgot to post a link given there to Dove's site. It is mandatory for the post to be valid.

    Good luck for the contest :)